MN Pilot’s Association’s Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering

April 11, 2015:
I spent my Friday and Saturday at the Golden Wings Museum at KANE representing the brands which make up the family of companies that I work for, Fargo Jet Center, Premier Jet Center, and Exclusive Aircraft Sales.
It was a great show where people involved (and some not!) with our great industry that is aviation here in Minnesota.

The FAA brought in the PROTE, a hypoxia simulation chamber, for pilots to experience the effects of oxygen deprivation on their bodies. While I wasn’t able to go into the chamber (b/c I don’t have a current medical! I could kick myself), it was informational to talk to those who did go in. It seems that being deprived of oxygen effects everyone differently! Also interesting is the fact that being better hydrated, more rested, and in better overall health seems to slow the body’s reaction to hypoxia, from those who have gone through a similar experience at a time before today. Our bodies are quite phenomenal
On display was the Sierra Sue II, a renovated P-51 Mustang which was just delivered to its owner Paul Ehlen. Its a beautiful aircraft which just brings a smile to the faces of anyone who sees her. I know I enjoyed seeing this historic aircraft in person!
Speaking of historic aircraft, the host of the gathering was the Golden Wings Museum. Greg Herrick has a truly one-of-a-kind collection of aircraft like no other. I feel honored to be in this building each time I set foot in the door. Notable aviators such as Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earnhardt have flown planes in the collection, and the first aircraft owned by NASA lives in the museum as well. The most impressive fact, at least to me, is that most of the planes in this collection, can–AND DO–fly! So if you are in Minnesota and see a Ford Tri Motor overhead, its probably one of the SIX in the collection at Anoka County Airport.

Overall, I made new connections with fellow aviation enthusiasts (as I affectionately call AVGEEKS), networked with colleagues, and met lots of enthusiastic folks who are excited about what we have going in the world of GA in Minnesota.
Looking forward to the next event!

IMG_8439 #Selfieinaspinner

IMG_8404 the Exclusive / Fargo Jet / Premier Jet


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