MBAA Monthly Luncheon: November 2014

Minnesota Business Aviation Association, a local group of companies and individuals who are involved in various aspects of aviation in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul and their surrounding areas, has monthly meetings for all its members to get together and network while having lunch and hearing a program about something exciting happening within the industry.

November 8th was the luncheon hosted at Premier Jet Center. Located at KFCM, Flying Cloud airport, Premier Jet Center is a full service FBO, recently added to the family of Fargo Jet Center and Exclusive Aircraft Sales. Premier offers all services expected from a Fixed Base Operator, such as fuel, maintenance, hangar space, and more.

The event was sponsored by Nextant Aerospace, a company which takes equipment such as the BeechJet 400A and King Air C90 model, and rejuvenates the ‘outdated’ equipment into something modern and competitive in their respective markets. They either take your current equipment, or will locate the aircraft for you and will turn the equipment from nearly obsolete to sought after. We learned from Nextant that the jet, 400XTi has recently been certified to use their engines up to 5,000 TBO, which enables the user to use the jet for a longer amount of time than was allowed before.

Also mentioned at the meeting was the Pathways poster, being put together by AirSpace Minnesota, to be placed into every K-12 school in Minnesota to inform students of options for learning to fly, and other education opportunities to continue awareness into aviation education. The plan with the poster is to gather sponsorships to not only fund the poster but to also aide in funding the STEM port / Aviation Learning Center at KSTP airport.

MBAA members networking at the Nov event
MBAA members networking at the November event


Nextant's  C90GTi sim
Nextant’s G90TX mock upNextant's 400XTi

Nextant’s 400XTi


Aircraft in Premier's hangar
Aircraft in Premier’s hangar
Networking with MBAA members
Networking with MBAA members

MBAA’s next meeting will be January 16th as a part of the Winter Celebration at the Radisson Blu at the Mall of America. See you then!




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